The Confusion.

Breaking the walls, I came so far And analyzed myself in the dark, The fights were big, the bruises were bigger; The wars had left an ugly mark. Burying my fears, I thought I was brave But often I found I was at rage; At times with myself, at times with others Although free, I... Continue Reading →

I’ll face it.

A month ago when the nights were dark The days became darker beyond the mark I used to walk to my school Well yeah, I thought it was too cool Until I found I turned out to be a fool There ain't nobody who follows a rule Once passing by the streets I saw A... Continue Reading →


Let them doubt your individuality Let them question your identity Until you remember who you are You'll always have a great personality. Let them wonder why you're fake They'd make rumours, let them make Until you believe that you're real The world is sleeping and you're awake. Let them imagine your several fears Let them... Continue Reading →

Expectations kill. 

I have some scribbled memories On the walls of my little brain I've been reminiscing about them To count the losses or the gains. Favour was less, for the losses were high Nobody cares, I realized. So busy are they, I don't mind 'Cause so am I, is what I find. Why should I expect,... Continue Reading →

…And you can make it!

From sobbing alone in pains, To your efforts going in vain. From giving a fake smile, To crying a lot for a while. From burying deep your fears, To standing out with cheers. From hearing to what they say, To proving them wrong one day. The good part of yours, Had always been within, And... Continue Reading →


Tera rang hara aur main hoon laal, Kyu duniya ko hain humse itne sawaal? Tu hai nahi dost meri, tu meri behen hai, Humara tumhara milna kyu unko nahi sehen hai? Dua maine bhi ki, diya tune bhi jalaya, Kyu ye insaan humari dosti na samajh paaya? Bachpan me padha tha, hum sab ek hain,... Continue Reading →

Hey! Best Friend. 

You were there in my sufferings and you were there in my joys, To share every bit of moments and along with me enjoy, We had been laughed at and we laughed at all of them, Who tried to break us apart but failed 'cause we're a gem. Though we met late but not late... Continue Reading →


Sitting in the back seat, I was just looking outside to have a cool look of the starry night and feel the air too maybe. What I saw was different from what I wanted to see, you know it's not always the same as you expect. I actually had slept gazing the sky and then... Continue Reading →

Scratching the healed wounds. 

Aye! It's about the old times we've always tried to forget. But soft! I ain't telling you to go back and relive them. Just telling you how it feels when you are reminded of something you don't want to think of. I'm sorry if I did so just now. It feels like all the crap... Continue Reading →

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